Standard Axis 300 Motor Radio Recording CD Player Mute Motor Solar Motor Mini DC



Small solar production of small motor, low starting current, no noise, stable operation, you can buy and wholesale. The motor is often used in small solar production, you can produce a wide variety of solar energy to use a variety of clean energy works. The motor with a line, directly welded to the solar panel can be used.
[Motor diameter]: 24mm
【Motor height】: 13mm
【Output shaft diameter】: 2mm
【Output shaft length】: 4.5mm (without step)
【Step size】: step diameter 6.5mm, step height 0.5mm
[Wire length]: about 5cm
【Measured data】:
3V voltage, the current 0.02A, stall current 0.24A, speed 4000 r / min
6V voltage, the current 0.03A, stall current 0.44A, speed 6500 r / min
【Voltage range】: 1.5-6v
【Rated voltage】: 3v
【Product Weight】: about 20.3 grams

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