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The Stirling engine uses full stainless steel SUS material production, more compact, more compact appearance. Cup of hot water can easily drive the rotation of the flywheel, power up and down the string movement and ventilation vividly in front of the piston. Which contains a wealth of scientific truth thermal expansion and contraction, more profound understanding; fun and interesting, you can easily removable, practical ability, imagination.


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Stirling Engine


The Stirling engine is actually a London pastor robat - Stirling (Robert Stirling) invented in 1816, so named for the "Sterling engine" (Stirling engine). Stirling engine heat engine is unique because of their actual efficiency is almost equal to the theoretical maximum efficiency, known as the Carnot cycle efficiency.


Stirling engine is heated by gas expansion, cold compression and generate power. This is an external combustion engine, fuel is continuously burned, expanded vaporized hydrogen (or helium) gas powered movement of the piston, the expanding gas chamber cold air cooling, repeatedly performing such a cycle.


Teo Stirling engine parameters:


The Stirling engine according to the Stirling principle Teo Toys exterior redesign, almost attention to every detail; the production of stainless steel materials, were fine cars, fine milling, grinding, sandblasting, high light processing technology out. Not venture to say on tall, but it can be said fine, we can satisfy the requirements of mechanical fans.


l Total weight: 250 grams Dimensions: base diameter 85mm, height 113mm,



l flywheel diameter 73mm, thickness 4mm, SUS303 stainless steel, high surface light processing


l upper and lower cover diameter 85mm, thickness 1.50mm, SUS304 stainless steel, surface spray sand processing


l power cylinder bore 8mm, borosilicate materials; power piston diameter 8mm, Material Stainless steel SUS304


l ventilation piston diameter 64mm, thickness 8mm, PVC / NBR Material


l two bearings MR63ZZ model, EZO imported


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