T700 Obstacle-surmounting tank car chassis crawler 4WD /smart tank car chassis



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Obstacle-surmounting tank car chassis crawler 4WD /smart tank car chassis for DIY/Mounting interface for servo,robot arm, Free shipping


The obstacle-surmounting tank chassisProduct configuration: the obstacle-surmounting tank chassis, create new aluminum alloy body, delicate and beautiful, strong stability, four strong motor traction, powerful, can into can back, can turn left turn right, etc., and smooth operation, running smoothly;Moreover is chassis parts before and after stent free activity, according to the car climbs to adjust the overall balance of the chassis, flexible operation, among the fuselage also reserved a steering gear mouth install steering gear provides convenient installation, the entire chassis platform is wide, installation of control circuit to provide enough space for the customer.


Aluminum alloy;

  • Powerful force;

  • Quickly, stability, flexibility;

  • Strong power;

  • Product size:  383*204*84MM (length * width * height)

  • Working voltage:  9~12V 



Warm Prompt

Not include controller,battery

  • Include high torque motors;

  • Large concessions more,pls connect us!


Shipping List

  • Chassis stent: 1 set

  •  Caterpillar:  2 pairs

  •  Driving wheels: 4 piece

  • Driven round wheels: 8 piece

  •  DC motor: 2 pairs

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