Telescope model lens set student magnifying glass telescope concave convex lens physical optical experimental materials


SKU: SN364

The telescope model lens kit consists of two lenses (one large and one small) that can be used to make a simple telescope model or as a mini magnifying glass.
[specification] : there are two large and small mirrors, the small one is concave lens, the big one is convex lens.
[diameter] : the small lens has a diameter of 13mm and a thickness of 4.5mm
The large lens has a diameter of 25mm and a thickness of 2mm
Material: plastic
List: 2 lenses (one large and one small)
[tutorial] : self-provided paper tube, double-sided tape, ruler, scissors (available in our shop)
According to fasten the lens size two long cylinder, front large mirror fixed to the large cylinder lens, the small lens fixed on the small cylinder by doing eye goggles, big rolls trapping small paper tube, twitch rolls, concave and convex lens is about 10-20 cm distance can see vision (in turn look, close shot into a vision and smaller).