Three-wire DC voltage meter 0.56-inch LED digital voltmeter DC 0V-30.0V anti-reverse



Three-line DC digital voltmeter 0.56 inch LED digital voltmeter DC0.00V-30.0V

Model: DSN-DVM-568L-3

Baby Description:

Low Kai operating voltage, the minimum 5.0V

With reverse protection, then reverse is not burning

Measuring range: 0.00V-30.0V

Note: Input voltage higher than 30V may cause permanent damage!

Refresh rate: about 300 milliseconds

Display: three 0.56 "LED digital tube

Lead length: 20 cm

Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22 mm

Mounting hole: 46 x 27 mm

Weight: 19 grams

Working temperature: -10 °C ~ 65 °C

shipping list:

1pcs Voltmeter