Section 3.2v lithium iron phosphate protection plate prevents overcharge and overdischarge protection plate 12A


SKU: 2SNA102

Technical parameters:
Overcharge detection voltage: 3.75v + / - 0.25v
Overcharge discharge voltage: 3.6v + / - 0.25v
Overdischarge detection voltage: 2.1 + / - 0.05v
Maximum continuous current: 12A
Over current detection current: 15A
Charging voltage: 3.6v
Product size: 35*7.6* 2.2mm
MOS:8205 a * 6

Main functions:
Over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection.

Wiring instructions:
B+ is connected to the positive electrode of the battery.

B- connect the negative electrode of the battery.

P+ is the output and input positive pole of the battery pack

P- is the output and input cathode of the battery pack

1. Please pay attention to the operating conditions of input and output voltage and load current, so that the power consumption in the protection plate does not exceed the allowable power consumption of electrical parameters.

2. The load current shall not work for a long time between the upper limit continuous working current and the overcurrent protection current.

3. When connecting the battery, it may occur that it cannot discharge. In this case, the charger can be returned to the normal working state.

4. Although the protection board has built-in anti-static protection circuit, please do not touch the board with your hands when the electric protection board is working to avoid electrostatic damage to the protection board.


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