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Take a look at the product demo first

Product introduction:
arduino controls 4 servos and 2 motors through L298n and PS2.

L298n power supply range: 5-20V

The maximum current that L298N can withstand: 2A

PS2 remote control distance: 8 meters

Servo power supply: 5v

arduino power supply: 5v

arduino expansion board power supply: 5v

Power supply:
1. The default power supply is to power the L298N through the 12v battery box, and then the L298N powers the arduino.

But this kind of power supply method is limited to the most basic experiment, it has no power, and it is very not durable. We recommend supplying high-power lithium batteries to L298n and 5v high-power DC power supply to the steering gear expansion board.


IN 1 to IN4 are connected to the arduino expansion board 2-4 in turn

L298N 5v connect to expansion board V

L2989n GND should be connected to the expansion board G and the negative pole of the power supply

L298N 12V connected to the positive pole of the power supply

Steering gear servo




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