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my video:

how to use?

Intro: Upgrade Mantis Claw Install Guide

this is upgraded mantis claw, we use laser cutting, make it fast and cheap.

Step 1: Reference Video

upgrade version not fully same with the video, but most same, you can as a reference.

Step 2: Full Design

Step 3: List

Product List:

1. A set of acrylic cutting pieces

2. Allen screws M4x14 23

3. Locknuts M4 23

4. Flat head cross 3×30 screw 1

5.m3 ring nut 1

6.M3 lock nut 1

7.m3-m4 small cross sleeve 1

8.m4 Allen wrench 1

Step 4: Install Single Claw

Step 5: Install Top

Step 6: Connect Single Claw to Top

Step 7: Thank You

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